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Falcon Dates is the leading brand of premium-quality wet dates, stuffed with an assorted variety of scrumptious stuffings. Delicious and healthy, our dates are suitable for all age groups, making them ideal for a healthy snack, tasty treat, or special gift.

We also believe that snacking is more than just having something to nibble on. It's about having a delightful and healthful experience and leaving behind the taste not just on the tongue but also in the mind. This is why we are committed to providing our customers with the best quality dates that serve your taste buds to the fullest. So go ahead, indulge in our diverse range of our khajoor, and elevate your snacking game today!

Our Story

JKC General Trading Co. has been a leading importer and distributor of varieties of wet dates since 1954. Established by Shri Jamnadas Ashar as ‘Jaysinh Kumar & Co.’, the goal was to bring the finest dates to the Indian market, eventually reaching the households that could cherish the richness of this exotic delight.

Over the past six decades, we have established robust relationships with premium date suppliers in the Middle East and Northern Africa, gaining knowledge, expertise, and understanding of the best quality Arabian dates.

Our endeavours have set new industry standards, making ourselves a trusted name in the date fruit market.

Falcon Dates is the pioneer of gourmet dates in India and has reinvented date fruits as an ideal gift suitable for family and corporate circles. Today, JKC boasts an in-house, state-of-the-art packaging unit (khajur packing) that meets international quality standards as a leading supplier of dates.

We bring healthy, yummy dates packed to your homes through our multiple well-knit distribution channels: modern trade stores, wholesalers, retailers, and an integrated e-commerce platform.

What Makes the Brand Trustworthy?

High-quality products and services that meet expectations

Transparent and honest communication with customers

Excellent customer support and timely problem resolution

Established reputation and positive customer reviews

Adherence to ethical business practices and standards

Commitment to customer privacy and data security

Our Mission

To make the vision a reality, our mission is to bring consistent quality and value-for-money dates for any and every occasion into Indian homes, creating worthwhile memories of gourmet indulgence.

Our Vision

At Falcon Dates, our vision is to be the premier brand of dates in India, making this superfood accessible and affordable to everyone.

Falcon Dates Packaging Team

Empowering Women in the Workforce

Falcon Dates Packaging Team

Falcon Dates, is proud of its packaging team and acknowledges the crucial part they play in providing quality dates to all our clients. We have made tremendous advancements in empowering women as our primary team in the packaging unit who work for daily wages.

A large portion of the team is made up of locals who have secured steady employment with Falcon Dates. They earn a daily wage, which enables them to support their families and give back to the communities where they live. In addition to bringing economic security, the chance to work in a professional environment has given these women the confidence they need to take charge of their lives and follow their aspirations.

The promotion of gender equality and women's empowerment is one of the guiding concepts at Falcon Dates. Beyond their regular duties, the Falcon Dates packaging team has a close camaraderie that they use to encourage and support each other. They celebrate birthdays and festivals together. The group has solidified into a close-knit community that promotes friendships and fosters personal growth.

The packaging team at Falcon Dates is a crucial component of the company's progress as it grows. The team serves as an example of the effectiveness of inclusivity and demonstrate that, given the chance, women can succeed and make important contributions to the success of any business.

Meet our C.E.O.


Mr. Jatin Ashar


Mr. Jatin Ashar is currently the CEO of JKC General Trading Company and a third-generation entrepreneur, leading his family’s mission for the past three decades to deliver the finest quality of dates to every household. His goal is to lead and live a legacy of excellence in the industry that is built on meaningful connections, business standards, and professional values.

He is committed to the quality and value that Falcon provides. Hence, utilizing his entrepreneurial skills, he sought out ways to optimize the packaging process for date fruits using technology. As a result, JKC got access to cutting-edge machinery from reputable suppliers in Germany, the US, and Japan, moving beyond the traditional approach of selling loose dates in markets to more innovative and durable packaging solutions.

Besides the knowledge and expertise that he possesses, Mr.Ashar believes in listening to his own voice from within to guide him through his career, which led the way in bringing an assorted variety of gourmet and stuffed dates to the Indian market, making some of the most innovative tastes and stuffings and a diverse variety of dates.

This revolution within the packaging industry has proven to be a pivotal moment for the company, and JKC remains committed to pushing the envelope even further.

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