Safawi Dates with Crunches

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Nutty Crunch:
Dates stuffed with Nutty Crunch offer a unique combination of flavors. With every bite, experience the satisfying crunch and the nutty texture, and the sweet aroma of roasted caramelized almonds. Whether you want a quick snack or a lush dessert option, these dates offer a true symphony of textures and taste- soft and chewy with a satisfying crunch. Experience the exquisite blend of flavors with the best stuffed dates to eat from Falcondates.

Chocolate Crunch:
Experience the satisfying crunch of the granola with the rich and sweet taste of chocolate blended with the luscious sweetness of dates. These best dates to eat in India, brought to you by Falcondates, offer a symphony of flavors. The combination of textures and flavors creates a delightful balance between the crunchy granola and the chocolate.
The perfect blend of sweet and chewy dates with the crispy and chocolate-rich granola creates a Flavor-packed experience for you.

Cinnamon Crunch:
Savor the aromatic essence of Dates stuffed with Cinnamon Crunch, a warm blend of textures and aromatic cinnamon that delivers a delightful taste in each bite. This satisfying treat is crafted with the wholesomeness of exotic seeds, nuts & cereal, and a touch of natural sweetness. Dates stuffed with Cinnamon Crunch is a flavor-buster snack that will satisfy your cravings and will leave you wanting more. Buy the best dates with cinnamon crunch stuffing to eat in India from Falcondates

Chocolate Almond Drizzle:
Dates stuffed with Chocolate Almond Drizzle offer you a fusion of rich chocolate, crunchy almonds, and natural sweetness. The combination of chocolate, chewy dates, and crunchy almonds creates a perfect harmony of textures. These dates serve as a perfect snack to satisfy your sweet cravings or a delightful addition to your gift baskets. Buy the best stuffed dates with Falcondates and relish the harmony of textures.

Sesame Crunch:
Dates stuffed with Sesame crunch are a combination of sesame and exotic seeds & nuts crafted to give you a nutritious indulgence. Perfectly crunchy, nutty, with perfect sweetness, Sesame Crunch is just made for your unique munching experience along with health benefits of sesame seeds which are an excellent source of manganese & calcium. It is a perfect fit for your afternoon snacks and cheese platters, providing a burst of energy and a satisfying taste. Discover the best stuffed dates with Sesame Crunch online at Falcondates.

Rose Petal:
An enchanting fusion of dried rose petals, sweetness, crunchy texture, and wholesome power-packed ingredients culminating into a royal treat. Dates stuffed with dried Rose Petal are created with rich rose undertones, adding a touch of elegance and aromatic flair. These are perfect to be a part of your lush dessert menu and creative culinary creations. Buy the best dates to eat from Falcondates, the leading name for the best dates in India.

Coffee Crunch:
Experience the coffee flavored granola and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee Dates stuffed with Coffee Crunch. The hand-picked ingredients will provide nourishment and the needed energy boost to keep you going with your day. A soul-satiating delight to munch, it is a perfect range for all the coffee lovers out there. Buy the best dates to eat – Falcondates offers the finest selection of stuffed dates in India.

Rose Brittle:
Dates stuffed with Rose Brittle are a unique combination of the delicate floral aroma of roses with the sweet and crunchy texture of brittle. Get ready to experience the softness of dates along with the crunch of nuts& rose petals. Indeed, an excellent addition to your luxurious dessert boards. Best dates, best flavors – only at Falcondates.

Cashew masala :
Indulge in our spicy and tangy-flavored Dates stuffed with Cashew Masala. This stuffing offer a beautiful combination of the nuttiness of cashews & our proprietary masala recipe with the natural sweetness of dates. The unique and memorable taste will definitely be an exotic addition to your snacking experience. A must-try for those looking for a blend of natural sweetness and masala saltiness. Buy the best dates in India, only at Falcondates.

Mexican pecan crunch:
Take a deep dive into the vibrant flavors of Mexico with our range of Dates stuffed with Mexican Pecan crunch. The sweet and buttery flavor & crunch of pecan infused with a mild forestry aroma and our proprietary Mexican powder will create an interesting and intriguing experience for your taste buds. The zesty and spicy flavors make Mexican Pecan crunch dates a great fit for your festive spreads. Buy the best stuffed dates online in India.

Walnut crunch:
Dates stuffed with Caramelized Walnut Crunch offers a wonderful combination of sweet caramel, the richness of walnuts, exotic seeds, and a satisfying crunch. These are rich in natural fats, proteins, fibers, omega-3 fatty acids and essential nutrients - making them an awesome treat. Looking for a wholesome nutritious, crunchy filling, and energy-packed snack time? Our Walnut Crunch dates are a must-have. Discover the best dates with Walnut Crunch stuffing in India at Falcondates.