Falcon Zahdi Seedless Dates- 250g

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Country of Origin - Iraq

Falcon Zahdi Dates are light amber to golden-yellow in color and have smooth and a thin layer of skin. Zahdi dates have a more subtle sweetness with a hint of nuttiness. Falcon Zahdi dates are perfect for a wide range of recipes as they are very easy to cook & they are very famous baking ingredient. They are also known as Lal Khajur in India. Buy the best dates to eat from Falcondates in India online.


Zahdi dates, also known as Zahidi dates, are one of the best dates to eat with several health benefits due to their nutrient composition.
● Excellent source of energy, due to high carbohydrate content and natural sugars.
● Contains vitamins and minerals.
● Low in fat & Cholesterol-free makes them heart friendly.
● A healthy alternative to refined sugars.