Falcon Safawi Dates Pouch- 500g

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Country of Origin - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Discover the exquisite delicacy of Falcon Safawi Dates, the best dates to eat in India. Safawi dates are dark brown to black in color with slightly wrinkled texture. These dates are known for their rich and moderately sweet flavor & chewiness. They have a semi-dry texture on the outside and soft moist on the inside. Perfect for everyone who appreciates quality dates. Ideal for various stuffings, these dates, also known as Kalmi, are the best you can find online at Falcondates.


Falcondates offer the best Safawi dates in India which are nutritious for everyday consumption.
● Quick source of energy, due to its high carbohydrate content and natural sugars.
● Low in fat and cholesterol levels making them heart-friendly food.