Falcon Ajwa Dates Box- 250g

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Country of Origin - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Indulge in the exquisite taste of Falcon Ajwa Dates. These nutritious dates are black in colour. Packed with natural sweetness and essential nutrients, they are known for their rich flavor and soft texture. Falcon Ajwa dates are the perfect gift for your precious ones be it for religious festivities or as healthy snacks. Falcon takes pride in supplying original & genuine Ajwa Dates from Madina region of KSA. Falcon is your trusted source for the best dates to eat, offering the finest selection in India.


Ajwa dates, known to followers of Islam as a ‘Holy Date’ and ‘Dates of Paradise’, are the best dates in India that serve as a nutritional powerhouse.
● Packed with vitamins and minerals.
● Low in fat and are cholesterol free
● High in dietary fiber and helps in digestion.