The Best Dates (Khajur) and Dry Fruit Combinations for You!

The Best Dates (Khajur) and Dry Fruit Combinations for You!

Dates (khajur) are considered to be among the most ancient dry fruits, which are also a very good source of energy. Since ancient times it has been considered the natural remedy for many health-related issues. Since dates (khajur) are rich in fiber, minerals, calcium, and vitamin C, they provide more energy to the body and keep the skin glowing and healthy. Eating dates (khajur) every day provides a lot of benefits to the body, but picking the right ones is quite tricky. Always look out for the best quality dates (khajur) that are nutritious enough to provide you with a good source of energy.

Having dates regularly are definitely beneficial but to make it more wholesome, why not have some dry fruits with it? Dates with dry fruits is always a preferable combination and a way of consuming dates. Dry fruits like almonds, pistachios, cashews, walnuts, hazel nuts and pecan nuts provide us with a lot of essential nutrients and are the best option for any snack time or even having on an empty stomach in the morning. Having the best quality dates (khajur) and dry fruits adds to the positive impact on our body. This healthy combination not only boost our energy but also keep us protected from various deficiencies. Having dates (khajur) with dry fruits is absolutely nutritious and above all satisfies our sweet and crunchy cravings at all times.

1) Manages weight -Dates (khajur) along with dry fruits help a lot in maintaining weight, keeping you healthy and providing sufficient calories to the body.

2) Immunity Booster – Dry fruits are rich in potassium, calcium and selenium etc. and combining them with dates makes your immune system healthier and your gut stronger.

3) Healthy skin –Best quality dates (khajur) and dry fruits are ultra-rich in antioxidants and hence enhance the level of oxygen that reaches the body cells.

4) Improvement in Gut health – Gut health is the most essential for overall balance in the body and hence having more rich fiber dry fruits in your diet is essential. It improves gut health, thus impacting your whole body.

5) Bone and Heart Health – Dry fruits like walnuts have omega-3 in them which is a very good source of energy and combining it with dates gives you better calories and vitamins.

There are many benefits of dates (khajur) and dry fruits like it helps in cancer prevention, keeps the heart healthy and away from any type of heart disease. Dates are also very effective to manage the blood pressure level of the body. You can add more flavors to it by combining them with dry fruits to have a more aromatic and holistic tasting experience.

Dates (khajur) should be consumed daily & it’s beneficial to be consumed at any time of the day. Having Dates with dry fruits in the morning provide us tremendous amount of energy, thus providing an excellent start for the day. Dates (khajur) can be consumed anytime pre-workout, post-workout as an energy booster or an indulgent treat for sweet cravings after meals. Consuming dates along with dry fruits give you an energy boost and help you build up your immune system.


Dates (khajur) are a very good source of energy, adding some aromatic and tasty dry fruits can make it more exciting and nutritious. Best quality dates and dry fruits fulfill these needs without disturbing their natural nutrients and taste and hence remain healthy and nutritious. Best Dates stuffed with Almonds, Pistachios, Cashew Nuts, Walnuts, Hazel Nuts, Pecan Nuts are available to buy on our website


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