Premium, Luscious, and Healthy Dates for Corporate Gifts- Falcon Dates

Premium, Luscious, and Healthy Dates for Corporate Gifts- Falcon Dates

Corporate gifts are a great way for companies to build relationships with clients and employees. These gifts imply the importance of the gift receiver and are a form of expressing gratitude for the professional bond. Corporate gifts are thoughtful and should be meaningful and valuable to the receiver. Healthy dates for corporate gifts are the best option for this purpose.


Why Dates for Corporate gifting

Dates are a powerhouse of energy and nutrition. They are an essential source of various macro and micronutrients. Dates are a good source of fiber and protein. They are low in G.I. (Glycemic Index). Besides nutritional value, there are several things that make Dates a suitable corporate gift.


Natural Sweetener

There is a tradition to give sweets as a gift to denote the sweetness of a professional relationship. But a lot of people these days are health conscious and do not prefer sugar-loaded sweets. In such cases, gifting them traditional sweets loaded with sugar will not be very exciting and pertinent. Dates, on the other hand, are helpful to people as they give energy and low GI ensures no hunger for a long time. Dates are a natural sweetener and thus will satisfy a craving for sweets. Falcon dates are also free of trans-fat which makes them the perfect gift for everyone.


Share with the family

Some gifts are unsuitable for kids or restricted to a certain age or gender. Dates are shared with everyone. The receivers’ family can have a good time snacking on dates. It will give the whole family a reason to sit together and enjoy the treats and will make the corporate gift more meaningful to the receiver. Many recipes use them to enhance the taste and flavor, giving another way to enjoy succulent dates.


Tasty and healthy

Dates are full of nutrition and they are tasty as well. Dates are generic gifts but are loved by most. When someone pops a date, it brings a smile on their face without any guilt. It is much better to go for a healthy corporate gift than something unhealthy. With a healthy and high-quality corporate gift, companies can have healthy relations with their employees and customers alike.


Royal within budget

Dates are considered royal, like dry fruits, but during corporate gifting, a budget is to be considered as well. Dates fit into all budget levels and can be easily given as corporate gifts. Whatever the scale of gifting, dates can be supplied quickly as per the need. Dates come in a variety and are available in all types of budgets. Various collections of Falcon dates are available which have different textures and tastes and are high-quality gifts.



Dates are suitable for corporate gifting on any and every occasion be it Diwali, Ramadan, Christmas or even celebrating landmark anniversaries or milestone targets. We need to always keep in mind quality of the dates we are gifting. Falcon dates are of good quality and packaging ensures fresh and soft dates on opening. Falcon Dates are naturally sweet, can be stored longer, and also provide several health benefits. Falcon dates come in a variety which includes with-seed and seedless dates, brown and black dates. For purchase or inquiry about the best quality dates for corporate gifting, visit JKC.


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