How Dates Play an Important Role in Our Daily Busy Lifestyle

How Dates Play an Important Role in Our Daily Busy Lifestyle

While hurrying through our hectic schedules, most of us have developed a habit of forgetting to eat and care for our health. Getting time for ourselves to think about our regular eating habits, our diets, and their impact on our body and health drops down on our priority list. While we may order dates online in India, as a healthy food we are hardly aware of how it can help us.

Why do we need healthy foods?

Keeping a high level of nourishment is necessary to keep up with a busy life. Having a robust immune system aids in preventing and tackling all bacterial and viral infections. Because there are numerous aspects involved in receiving complete nutrition, the widespread idea that eating a complete, balanced meal may satisfy the nutritional demands continues to be untrue. To function at an optimum level our bodies depend on micronutrients, vitamins and minerals which are scarce yet crucial. To balance our busy lifestyle and nutrition, healthy snacking is necessary. Healthy snacking involves cutting out the junk food like oil fried snacks and sugar loaded sweets in the middle of a long work day. We should reach out for trans-fat free and natural sugar products rather than sugar loaded sweets and deserts. Especially when we do not want to eat a big meal, but munch on something tasty.

And one of the biggest sources of healthy fruits are dates.

Dates – what are they?

Dates are a well-known fruit that has been around for a long time. They can be traced back to approximately 5320 BC. It has the scientific name Phoenix Dactylifera. It is mostly cultivated in the Middle East and North Africa where it is a part of the staple diet.

One of the healthiest fruits in the world, dates are categorised as dry fruits. Dates are extremely helpful for healthy snacking due to their natural composition of macronutrients and a variety of other vitamins and minerals. Dates are quite popular as a snack since they have a lot of calories from natural sugars and provide us energy all day.

Benefits of dates as a healthy snack

The fruit’s rich nutritious content contributes to its incredibly beneficial qualities. Dates are a necessary component of a balanced diet.

Source of high nutrition

The fruits include a wealth of important vitamins and other nutrients that are very beneficial to your general health. Dates are a fantastic source of energy because they are high in healthy calories, with 100g of dates containing roughly 314 kilocalories. Although a large portion of this energy comes from sugars (such as fructose and glucose), it also contains a lot of fibre and has a low glycemic index.

Supports Regular Bowel Movements

Dates have a very high fibre level, which can be quite helpful for persons who have health problems brought on by erratic bowel movements. They can improve your gut health which ultimately leads to a healthy life.

High Antioxidant Concentration

Dates are renowned for having a high antioxidant content. Dates have the highest concentration of antioxidants including flavonoids, carotenoids and phenolic acid when compared to other dried fruits in the same category. Antioxidants are essentially substances that prevent the oxidation process, which eliminates the harmful free radicals that may do a lot of damage to your cells.

Enhances Brain Function

Eating dates on a daily basis might have a variety of positive consequences on your brain’s health. In addition to preventing degenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s, they can aid in your brain’s general development. The emergence of neurodegenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s disease is linked to an elevated level of IL-6 (Interleukin 6). Date consumption on a daily basis has been discovered to be advantageous in lowering IL-6 levels and so lowering the risk of acquiring brain degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.


There are many more benefits that come from consuming dates on a daily basis. They are anti-inflammatory, improves skin and hair conditions, acts as natural sweeteners and can even cure hangovers.

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